My First Sunday Lesson – Rev. Dr. Bob Luckin

This would be my first Sunday talk. Powerful waves of emotion cascaded through my unregulated vocal cords. Words exploding in a mind on fire passionately wanting to speak a truth to fill every corner of every listeners mind. My lesson for the day was nothing less than a spiritual volcanic eruption. I had managed to find common words and language to easily convey the most complicated ancient truths and mysteries known to man.
Within a few minutes it became clear to me that I was speaking to a congregation unaccustomed to a minister delivering a message with my depth of knowledge, wisdom and conviction.
I am grateful that my lesson was recorded. The recording did not sound anything like the message I delivered. Pressured, poorly modulated words too rapidly delivered, bounced around like tennis balls smashed hard, flying in all directions. This labored, pointless volley was eclipsed by an undeniable, palpable fear that broke down the walls of the strongest and most sturdy word.
It would be awhile before I would be invited to do another Sunday lesson.
It would be even longer before I would have the skill and ability to do what others seemed to do so easily.
I will never forget the first talk I did, that I hope no one will remember.

Lesson Number Two

The things you do that you think will make a difference, change the world, wake people up and help them with their lives, often go unnoticed and sometimes just irritate people.

It is the smile you gave when you didn’t know you were smiling; the handshake, or hug you almost avoided that has become the cherished, life changing memory someone whose name you have forgotten still holds dear. It was that quiet little thing you said or did that gave them the strength they needed to get through hard times. The day you didn’t know you were lifting a person up that was falling between the cracks of hope and love was one of the times you made a difference.

You will find, as I have found, many years from now that you have saved, transformed, and encouraged many lives. You will not hear words like, “Thank you.” There will not be a loud and thunderous applause. If you listen carefully, you will hear their gratitude. It sounds a lot like the early morning breeze, just before the break of dawn.

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