Don’t Just Do Something … Sit There – Dr. Jaine Ryder

Dr Jaine Ryder

As the Manager of the Licensing and Credentialing Dept. at Centers for Spiritual Living’s Home Office in Golden, Colorado, I am privileged to witness an amazingly diverse array of ‘calls’ to the ministry. These calls get answered as uniquely as the individuals who receive them with deep mixtures of awe, joy, resistance, enthusiasm, fear, courage, grace and gratitude. Almost always they are answered with deeply held personal expectations of what the ministry is supposed to look and feel like once we have arrived, how it is actually supposed to be. Sometimes the vision and the ministry just don’t appear to be walking the same path. Surprise! Life is serving up an opportunity for a shift in consciousness, a course correction to bring vision, expectations and current realities into more harmonious balance.
This can feel like a very slippery slope. We step forward into this most amazing and uniquely challenging ministerial life feeling well prepared and called. The surprises and course corrections can appear early on the path or many successful and fulfilling years into the call. The very human ‘shock hurdles’ still have to be scaled before we can get into the deeper spiritual look at what is being offered to each of us for growth and greatness. We are called to be supremely and humbly teachable at these times, not an easy task. When and if our personal realities don’t match up with our personal visions we can be shocked and deeply bruised, questioning our call and whether or not it was even ‘true’ to begin with. This is a time that calls for deep peace and an honest inner journey in order to ask and answer all the questions that naturally rise from our humanity.
We can become reactionary and defensive, jumping back and forth in the mental calisthenics of the human questions… What’s wrong with them? What’s wrong with me? My answer to both of those questions is the same. Nothing. Nothing is wrong with you. Nothing is wrong with them. Nothing is wrong with anyone in your ministerial story, but something is definitely out of tune, balance or alignment with it. You are called to surrender your bruised and protective ego in order to receive the wisdom of the teachable moments. You are called to stop defending or explaining and simply contemplate what is yours to know, do or be. No one else can do this inner work for you, but spiritual mirrors and the support of your colleagues can be such a blessing. That is why the Phoenix Bridge exists.
Sometimes we react by attempting to go invisible. Sometimes it seems so much easier to just slide off the radar of our peer support and not have to think about or share our learning curves. We don’t ask for support, prayer or wise counsel. We even push it away when it is offered. We might even use this intelligent and wonderful teaching of the Science of Mind to shame or blame ourselves. Please don’t. The spiritual journey is one of constant evolution. The irritation can become the pearl if you will only let it.
There have been many twists and turns on my own path, times of deep humbling, times of great celebration and times of deeply mystical awareness. I stopped questioning my call many years ago, but am still surprised by it. Why me? Why not me? I just take it one moment at a time, do my spiritual practices and listen to my internal guidance system. When it’s right I know it.
I urge each of you to sit with your questions, experience and process before jumping back into action. Take the time to reflect and heal before taking your next steps. When it’s right you will know it.

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