The Dream Down the Hall – Rev. Lynn Chaplin-Noe

I lived in New York City for many years…in apartments. The worst part of living in an apartment was hearing other people’s music (mostly the base line) from down the hall, through the walls, hearing their voices and many arguments. Hey, it’s New York! Got a problem with that?

New York was in the 60s and I just turned 70. And for that many years, that’s how my dream, my highest idea of my Self felt to me, like a low, thud from another room down the hall, through many walls has been experienced. Since 1997, I had spent years being of service to my Centers, experiencing a great sense of purpose, acquiring a myriad of skills tailored toward Ministry, but in retrospect, during those same years, I was not being particularly kind to my Self.

One day in February 2014, I was awakened by my dream, not from it. I was suddenly sharply conscious, with full awareness that, yes, I was serving someplace very special at my Center where I had been associate Minister for almost 9 years. And yet deep within I was aware that I had a different destination beginning to be revealed in consciousness.

The walls had come down and there was no longer the sound of others’ opinions, the feeling of life going on without me. Gone was the low, dull thud of a baseline dream from somewhere down the hall, replaced by a symphony of rich ideas, and goals. It was NOW my dream loud and clear. I had caught up with it. We were in step, in the same room.

I knew immediately, as I was guided impeccably, to contact CSL headquarters to learn of the protocol for resigning from a Center where I was being of service. After I was sent to a few “wrong” contacts, (let’s hear an LOL for how Spirit works), I was directed to Nadene Rogers and the rest is a revelation in Discovery!

Not only was there a loving home, a bridge, for people who were experiencing what I was feeling so deeply, but there was a great relief in knowing that people like I was, seeking a new direction, were not to be cast out, but instead listened to and and provided resources to guide them along their new path.

It’s been a long year for me as the process of leaving one’s spiritual family, purpose and expressiveness is not an easy journey. Compelled by my new dream gaining clarity, lovingly guided by Rev. Nadene and supported by friends, I am grateful to say Faith is being restored, the dream is being nurtured. It’s found its tune. I give it a voice.

I am so blessed to be on the Phoenix Bridge, blessed by my dream and double blessed with the friendship and support of Rev. Nadene Rogers.

Blessings, Lynn
Lynn Chaplin-Noe

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