Living an Intentional Life – By Rev. Eileen O. Brownell

Rev. Eileen O. Brownell

In The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo, he tells the story of a friend who decided that it was time to paint his living room. The next day he went to the store purchased all the necessary paints, brushes, tarps, and rollers and returned home. Before entering the house, he meticulously stood on the front porch and removed the lids from each paint can and began to mix them. Next, with the brush in his mouth, the tarp under his arm and a gallon of paint in hand he approached the front door. He stood there in front of the door and made every effort he could while still holding everything to open the door. After a few moments of struggle and almost having the door handle turned, he teeter a little and then ultimately lost his balance and fell backwards. Needless to say, red and white paint went everywhere! It was all over the porch, in his hair, on his clothes, and he had lost almost everything. The beauty of this story is that in order to be open to something new, a new way of doing something, we have to be willing to set something down. We have to be willing to let go of what’s no longer working.

In the Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav states “Each intention–anger, greed, compassion, understanding–sets energy into motion…What you intend is what you become…Power is energy that is formed by the intentions of the soul. It is Light shaped by the intentions of love and compassion guided by wisdom. It is energy that is focused and directed toward the fulfillment of the tasks of the soul upon the Earth.

          “Yes, yes” you say. “I know that!” My question to you however, is do you live it? Do you live an intentional life? Do you have a covenant and intentions that guide your ministry? Do you have intentions that guide you?

So often when a major change occurs in our life, we are not content and so our intentions may become a way of getting ourselves out of an unlikeable position. In Luke 5: 37-38, we know that Jesus told the parable of old wine skins. No man pours new wine into worn-out skins; else the new wine will rend the skins, and the wine will run out and the skins will be ruined. But they pour new wine into new skins, and both are well preserved.

Nine years ago I went to Israel and this parable came alive for me. I learned that the fermentation process that occurs in new wine is one of expansion and movement. It isn’t like pouring a cup of water in a bowl. Wine expands and contracts as it ferments. Old wine skins are already formed and hard. If you pour new wine into the old skins, they will crack and loose the wine.

So often we are like the old wine skins. We are so set in our ways, that we are unwilling to even try something new. When a major challenge occurs in our life like job loss, divorce, or major illness, we yearn for life to return to what it once was….even when we know it was not working.

One of my teachers Lloyd Stromm indicated that the “universe if full of principles and laws. However there is only one law that truly empowers us to take charge of the conditions and circumstances of our lives and that is the Great Law of Life.” And just what is the Great Law of Life?  You receive what you believe!

This has become a widely accepted principle of mainstream psychology as well as modern quantum physics. Jesus tells us in Matthew 8:13….” As you have believed, so be it done unto you.” Whatever is transpiring in our life, we are creating. Every challenge or conflict in our life is waking us up to the fact that we are believing something that is not true about us or our life.

The Great Law of Life provides us with not only what we believe consciously or in our subconscious, but also what we think we deserve. And our desires can easily be corrupted by our own fears. So to change those challenging beliefs and thoughts we must replace our fears and wants with love. Love is the universal healing elixir that brings newness to all things. That is living an intentional life.

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In recognition of the Divine Creator and knowing that right here right now, God is all there is within me, guiding me and surrounding me in love, light and joy. I set my intentions with ease and grace and know that as I state them they are set in motion. My life opens to a new existence as my intentions become the roadmap to my future. I release and let go of what no longer works and am open to change. Blessings flow each and every moment as I move forward in contentment and joy. I listen to the Christ consciousness within and creation begins. All that I have shared and stated is already done in Mind, Love and Law. For this I am grateful and so it is.

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