The Unknown – Vanecia Wills-Leufroy RScP

Vanecia Wills-Leufroy RScP

Phoenix Bridge allows. It allows me to be me in all my uniqueness. It allows my uniqueness as a person and minister to be supported and fed. My feedings are unique to the expression of the God that I reflect for I reflect the I am. I am guided; yet, I am also free to create, to create what Spirit is calling forth through me. Unencumbered am I. Free to create my path; free to learn what I am; an even greater expression of Spirit.

I am free to not know. I am free to seek and be in the seeking of something unknown. Free to play, to grow comfortable in the realm of the invisible. Free to develop the flexibility of the mind and the openness of the heart. Free to trust as I seek.

A poem I wrote some time ago fits quite perfectly with what I am sharing here.

What We Seek
We are always seeking.
Often this takes place on the outside of ourselves, rather than the inside.
We are always seeking.
Often what we seek is through the physical world rather than the spiritual world. Because we are not always aware, of what is most important to our souls. The tangible becomes our desire rather than the intangible. So we seek others, we seek things that leave us still seeking. As we become more aware, more conscious we find:

What we seek is:
To feel alive
To feel whole
To feel appreciated
To feel heard
To feel accepted
To feel loved
To feel expressed

The inner voice knows what we truly seek. This voice whispers to us. We must be still, we must listen. We must be open and receptive. We must seek this inner voice, this knowing part of us.

We will then find what we seek is intangible.
For what we seek
is to be alive
is to be whole
is to be appreciated
is to be heard
is to be accepted
is to be loved
Is to be expressed

This is what we seek!

This is certainly what I seek.

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