“The Times, They are A-Changin’ . . . and So Are We” Dr. Maxine Kaye

Our ministries tend to have seasons, and we are wise to move through them with as much grace as possible. Having served two previous Centers as Spiritual Leader and one as Assistant Minister, both on the West Coast, and three as Interim, I have now been Spiritual Leader on the East Coast for nearly five years. I also did a “free-form” ministry between my first and second Centers, traveling through the country, speaking and giving workshops, and, later, visited Centers in the U.S. and Canada as an R.S.I. Board Member, giving Practitioner Seminars, and conducting Regional Meetings. Ultimately, I offered “Co-Creation” work in many Centers. My experience has taught me that, “Wherever I go, there I am,” for both good and less good! The plus side is that I am more in love with Spirit and our teaching every day and am grateful always to be in community with people who are seeking to deepen their connection to Source, to live authentically from Spirit, and to continue expanding their creative, intelligent activity, for themselves and others.
No matter the culture in each Center, I have found it appropriate and acceptable to live from my Authentic Self while honoring and seeking to understand the traditions and mores of each group. Of course, it is greatly satisfying to remain with a community long enough to watch children grow from tots to teens and adults expand in consciousness and quite another thing to be a “circuit preacher,” loving and leaving them! In either case, we are sowing the healthiest seeds we know how to plant and encouraging the people to discover and use Principle.
It is difficult to leave each Community, and my heart has just grown larger each time I take all those people with me. It has had to soften over the years and I am sure has stretch marks, and that is okay with me. I prefer to have those tender feelings and to honor anyone who may have had a conflict with me, as well. This ministerial road is not for the faint of heart but for the fervent of soul, and that is whether we are in buildings, on the internet, traveling about the world, or seeking rest and repose. A minister is a minister no matter the circumstance, and we do well to flow with each change of scenery and every type of activity.
The models of ministry have changed over the past forty-three years, as well, and I have come to appreciate and embrace the cooperative, consensus-driven type of teamwork with the leadership of each community, unlike the benevolent-but-decisive minister-in-charge approach with which I grew up. Inviting God to be in charge, we gratefully employ the ego to become that finely-tuned instrument through which Spirit may flow with Grace and Power. My major lesson has been to trust the Infinite Wisdom within me to guide me confidently and successfully through each season of my life.

Spiritual Mind Treatment

Divine Mind, Powerful, Loving, and Wise, is the One Creative, Intelligent Life that acts upon Itself to bring all sentient beings into form. I am a beautiful, individualized expression of that Life, filled with the Mighty, Moving Power of God, and living in Its Perfect Flow.
My mind is clear, my heart is open, and I move with Grace in and through each valued change in my life, trusting my Inner Guidance, and delighting in the spiritual alchemy always at work within my consciousness.
Never resisting the forward impulsion that continuously shows me the way to the next sacred expression of my Authentic Self, I heed and obey its wise and loving call. Like the seasons, I live harmoniously with Life, honoring the balance in my world, as “God is a rest and a motion,” and I choose to “rest in reason and move in passion.”
Deeply thankful for my adventure in Spirit, I embrace and embody the truth of these words and now release them to the Perfect Law of Mind, confident that the Presence gives generously and the Law acts impeccably.
And so it is!

Rev. Dr. Maxine Kaye
Greater Philadelphia Center for Spiritual Living
Paoli, PA 19301

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