Join our Team!

As a committee we realize the importance of diversity. If you are a staff or assistant minister, focus or virtual minister or lead a teaching chapter; if you represent a different cultural perspective on how to serve and support our ministers in times of challenge and change, please contact Rev.Marsha or Rev. JoAnn  for a further conversation, to see if this Committee is a good place in which to serve.

It is a great time to be a minister with CSL – a vocal, contributing and creative part of this ever evolving Organization. If you have interest in participating is this Focus Group or have recommendations or gifts to share with the Focus Group, contact either Rev.Marsha or Rev. JoAnn.

For further updates on the development of this Program, moving your license to the Bridge or serving on the Bridge Committee, please contact Rev.Marsha or Rev. JoAnn.

For CSL Policies on Interruption of Service, please refer to: Section 8 Professional Standards 8:2:Q