Phoenix Bridge Ministerial Licensing

8.2 Ministerial Licensing / Subsections B
Phoenix Bridge Program – It’s possible that a Licentiate Minister may move away from their employment agreement with a Center as the Sr. Minister or as a Staff or Assistant Minister.  When this occurs, the minister may apply to join the Phoenix Bridge Program, with agreements from the Licensing & Credentials Dept., and a Phoenix Bridge Co-Chair. 

 Ministerial License: The Phoenix Bridge Program is available to Licentiate Ministers, no longer with an employment agreement, who are in need of support, resources and the time to re-evaluate the direction of their ministry. This is intended to be a transitional time for those in times of challenge and change and is set forth to guide ministers back toward full licentiate status, with a new employment agreement or identified direction. In order to qualify for this program, a licentiate minister must:

a) Not be serving under a Ministerial Service Agreement (Letter of Call)
b) Have previously held a Licentiate Ministerial License
c) Currently be in the active date range of their approved Licentiate
d) Not be in a Provisional License status
e ) Have cleared their status with the Licensing & Credentials Dept.
f) Be approved by a Phoenix Bridge Co-Chair

8.2 Ministerial Licensing / Subsections D
Refer to the Centers for Spiritual Living Policies & Procedures section referenced above for the actual documentation when being supported on the Phoenix Bridge Program