Spiritual Psychology Team

What is the Spiritual Psychology Team? 

All sensitive cases are referred by the Phoenix Bridge Chair to our “Spiritual Psychology” team.

We are trained professionals as well as licensed ministers who have psychological training.  We are here to assistant you to discover any barriers that may be operating in your life.  Using deep listening and psychological assessment tools, we can help you to determine your next steps in your life and your ministry.

These cases are kept in the strictest of confidence.

There are times in ministry, when conventional prayer support, friends, and the organizational resources-support systems and programs are just not enough to help one in dire emotional or spiritual crisis. Times when confidentiality is crucial. It is for this reason that the Phoenix Bridge offers the opportunity for an initial assessment conversation with ministers on the Committee, who carry or have carried a licence as a professional therapist. Their gift to you, first and foremost, is anonymity, with no recording or disclosure of your conversation with anyone; secondly, they will help to guide you towards further professional support in your geographical area, if that feels beneficial. When trauma hits, or when shame and pain run deep, there is a place for you to turn to. To inquire further about this service please contact: Dr. Andrea Asebedo.

​We are searching for psychologists or family therapists actively licensed/insured to confidentially serve  ministers in times of challenge and change. If you are that person, or know of other ministers carrying these credentials, please contact Dr. Andrea Asebedo.

Dr. Andrea Asebedo
Email: andreaasebedo@att.net
Phone: 1-360-734-4160

Rev. Shari Sorbo
Email: nobros@earthlink.com