Phoenix Bridge New Co-Chairs

Rev. Dr. JoAnn Lanning Co-Chair Phoenix Bridge
1-415 730-0086

Rev Dr JoAnn Lanning

Rev Dr JoAnn Lanning has been around studying metaphysics for many years assisting individuals to live a richer, fuller and peaceful life. In this process she has helped people to connect to something greater than they are in a loving and accepting way, as they take charge of their experience. They find this powerful and deep love and acceptance from the Divine Energy we know as Spirit, God, Intelligence Itself. She has served on Dr. Terry Cole-Whitaker’s T.V. ministry, served on church boards, as an assistant minister and volunteering in many different departments during 1978 – 1980.
JoAnn has taught successful Licensed Practitioners which helps others to lead a full and enriching lives. She has assisted churches that have split apart or had problems and brought them together again in a positive and loving experience. She helped a congregation find a center to purchase and found the financing. She’s led congregations remodel their worn-out center and become more active in their community. In the past she trained ministers that are still successful in the field today from 1989 to 2018.
Rev Mark Anthony Lord “Dr. JoAnn is a true minister – meaning it is in her soul to lead a spiritual community into greater purpose, passion, and awakening. She attended a Meta Model training program I facilitated. The fact that the Meta Model easily lives within her, and her understanding of it makes her a brilliant community builder, that builds communities that last.”
The attributes she has as a minister is her ability to assist people in connecting to their Source, teaching them how to be in alignment so their bodies can heal. In a safe environment they become who they truly are seekers of truth. She is a caring and involved teacher, counselor, listener and public speaker who is loved by her congregation.

Rev. Marsha Meghdadpour Co-Chair Phoenix Bridge

Rev. Marsha Meghdadpour’s journey into ministry began in the shower. This was a form of meditation for her and it was one night while “letting the Love flow over her”, as a song goes, that she intuitively heard of the journey she was about to take …. without knowing, or agreeing, at first. But over time, she learned to follow the voice within.  (And she continues to do this.)

In 1995, she moved to Denver to attend Holmes Institute, after her career in corporate America for 28 years.  After completing her studies in May of 1998, she went to work to be the founder of a Center near Boulder CO in 1999.  She was Ordained in 2002, and after 5 years in 2005, she was guided by the same Source to return to Dallas, where she became an Assistant Minister at CSL Dallas with Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes.  While there for almost 7 years, she coordinated the Education Program, taught classes, lead Pastoral Care, assured Sunday Service ran smoothly, as well as coordinated many volunteer teams. Her next call to serve came as she thought to leave pulpit ministry in 2012, to travel, teach, and speak only to be called by Home Office to join the Interim Ministry Program. Rev. Marsha served in CSL Colorado Springs for a year, and at other Centers until 2015.  Her last Center service happened at HeartSpace CSL in Dallas as a voluntary Staff/Assistant Minister, until she officially decided to retire in April 2019.

This is when she joined the Phoenix Bridge Program, while continuing to serve on the CSL Ethics Committee. Rev. Marsha knows that she will continue to be guided by Spirit to be in service, as she practices the CSL principles and finds ways to grow herself through all her interactions.

Besides be called to serve the Centers for Spiritual Living, she developed and leads a Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program/Committee in her 55+ community where she lives.  And she maintains a very close relationship with her son, daughter and 3 teenage grandchildren, as they live in close proximity to each other in Dallas. She also keeps in close contact and support of family members in her birth city of Pittsburgh PA.   

One of the greatest impacts on Rev. Marsha’s service as a minister occurred while in an “On Course” Class.  During a meditation on her purpose in live, she identified it as “to be Love, to see Love and to express Love”. This continues to be something she focuses on repeatedly, in her day to day actions and activities.