CSL Ordination Indicators Chart

Ordination is bestowed by the organization when a Licentiate Minister has fully demonstrated the consciousness of a lifetime dedication to ministry. It is not an automatic entitlement. It is a very high honor and acknowledgment by the organization and your ministerial peers that you are successfully demonstrating the qualities and skills required of ministry. These indicators of experience, commitment and community in ministry are used to help evaluate the Licentiate Minister’s readiness for scheduling an Oral Ordination Panel for the final decision.

Participant Update Check-in Form

As a Minister on the Phoenix Bridge Program, it is mutually understood and agreed that you are fully engaged in creating your next magnificent expression of active ministry. It is in this knowing, we ask your full compliance in sharing your process and progress towards this end. You are asked to fill out the following report and submit it quarterly to your Sponsor and the Phoenix Bridge Co-Chair by whom you are being supported.

Update Check-in Form

Is a Focus or Virtual Ministry Right for Me?

The Focus and Virtual Ministry program allows ministers the opportunity for a ministry outside the box of a traditional brick and mortar center or church, a teaching chapter or a study group.

Information: Is a Focus or Virtual Ministry Right for Me?

Asking the Deeper Questions: A Self-Assessment Resource for Ministers in Transition

As a licentiate minister who has left a Letter of Call …it is perhaps time to ask deeper questions to procure healing, revealing and clarity. This document offers these questions for your consideration in support of your next ‘yet to be!’

2019 12 Asking the Deeper Questions