Phoenix Bridge Intake process for Licentiate Ministers to Participate with the Phoenix Bridge Program

  • Complete Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) Exit Interview
  • Bring Comprehensive Minister’s Annual Report up to date
  • Secure a Sponsor
  • Review Mentorship Support
  • Confirm all Ministerial Fees Paid

What is an Exit Interview?

  • A Document that serves to celebrate and honor the minister’s path, to aid in the completion of their recent Letter of Call and to update Home Office with an accurate accounting of the Minister’s Licentiate status.
  • Conversation and connection in a safe, neutral and accepting space in which the minister may speak freely without reservation or repercussion.
  • All Licentiate Exit Interviews are handled by the Phoenix Bridge Chair or designated Phoenix Bridge Committee Member.
  • Phoenix Bridge Chair files the Exit Interview and forwards it to CSL Director of Licensing and Credentials, CSL Minister Support Administration Services.
  • Exit Interviews are not shared with active Phoenix Bridge Sponsors, Phoenix Bridge mentors or Phoenix Bridge committee members
  • Sensitive Cases are marked “Sensitive” and shared only with the Phoenix Bridge Chair and the Director of Licensing and Credentials.